Ansal Plaza Gets A Mag

The unmistakable air of festivity Ansal Plaza wears even on weekdays must have something to do with the glitzy shops and fab eating joints out there. But it needed something more for that extra dash of pep and it happened to be Window Shopping, a slickly produced monthly magazine whose launch was sponsored by HT Estates.

Edited by Sheetal Ansal, daughter-in-law of Sushil and Kusum Ansal, the magazine will keep shoppers informed of all that has happened and what they can look forward to. The mag got a spirited launch, thanks to the First Lady of Roosevelt House, Jacqueline Lundquist, who said she visited the mall “very often to shop” and “my son Sam loves playing at Funky Orbit.” Lundquist left early, but Sushil Ansal and his son-in-law, Vipin Luthra of Geoffrey’s, stayed on for the panel discussion that followed.

Discussing the finer point of ‘leisuretainment’ were Pranav Ansal, Siemens VP Madhu Manti Sengupta, McDonald’s MD Vikram Bakshi, I. S. Narula of Arcus and Arvind Singhal, MD, KSA Technopac. “Shopping in itself is a form of entertainment and the idea behind malls is to make it a pleasant experience by providing the right kind of ambience to the consumers,” Narula said. “With a little innovation, even shopping for something as mundane as home-building material can be made exciting.” Malls like Ansal Plaza are making it happen.