Project Description

Western Music

The Western Classical Music department covers a wide repertoire of music, from ancient Gregorian chants and medieval songs of ‘troubadours’, through the works of well-known composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Rameau, to modern composers of opera, art songs, oratorios, and various other genres.

Indian Music

Indian classical music is often perceived as a daunting practice that can be learnt and appreciated only by a niche group of practitioners and connoisseurs. It carries the impression of a timeless art form that has sustained itself over thousands of years untouched by any changes. On the other hand, it is also seen as a mere stepping stone for musicians looking to perfect vocal technique before starting a career in playback singing or commercial music.

Program Details

Available Formats: Offline, Online

Open to all age groups

6 Months (24 Classes): INR 34,200

6 Months (24 Classes): INR 18,000

Trial Class: INR 1,000

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