The Truth Has Dawned On Him: Life Is Rather Tough

Brijesh Gupta is barely out of college, and has only been working for six months, but has come to one conclusion which might take some people years to reach. “The world is one tough place to live in,” he sighs, continuing, “there is so much competition and it’s hard to survive.” a

We are sure there are many who would agree. And when did he come to his profound conclusion? “After I started working, I realised the harsh realities of life,” says this 22-year-old.

And what work does he do? “I fool people,” he laughs, continuing, “well, actually I work in marketing with Citibank and offer the services of the bank to people,” says this guy from Rohini.

Brijesh completed his schooling from Sarvodya Vidyalay and then did B.Com. (Hons) from ARSD College. He, of course, misses his school and college days. “Life is very carefree when one is young,” he says. One of his memorable experiences during college was a trip he made to Goa. “The beaches are awesome and so is the food.

Actually, it is the whole atmosphere of the place which I loved,” he says.

Brijesh claims he has “no time to go out and have fun. By the time I get back home, I am too tired to even think about anything but falling asleep,” he says. Life, therefore, isn’t always beautiful.

Brijesh Gupta, 22 says he’s in the business of “fooling people” and finds the beaches in Goa awesome.