Visit Victoria, the official tourism board for the state of Victoria in Australia, joined forces with Qantas, Australia’s national carrier, to present a  culinary pop-up event, “Flavours of Melbourne,” in partnership with MasterChef Australia Finalist, Chef Kishwar Chowdhury at the Hyatt Regency Delhi recently.

‘Flavours of Melbourne’ offered guests a tantalizing journey through the gastronomic wonders of Melbourne and Victoria.

Chef Kishwar’s meticulously crafted menu paid homage to the produce of the region and even went into the fine details of having locally sourced coffee from Melbourne – which is arguably home to some of the best coffees in the world.

Shae Keenan, Chief Marketing Officer at Visit Victoria, MasterChef Finalist Kishwar Chowdhury, Kunal Dewan, Qantas Country Manager India, Nigel Aldons, Head of Global Markets and Commercial at Visit Victoria.

Each dish drew inspiration from iconic landmarks, such as the vibrant laneways of Hosier and AC/DC Lanes with the “Hors D’oeuvres in the laneways”, the prized seafood of Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road with the “Apollo Bay Entrée”, and the essence of Yarra Valley’s renowned vineyards, artisanal cheeses, berries, and lavender farms with the “Yarra Valley Cellar Door”.

The event also provided a platform for Visit Victoria and Qantas to engage with media and trade agent partners, fostering valuable connections and networking opportunities. Guests participated in an interactive dessert masterclass with Chef Kishwar, i

mmersing themselves in the flavours of Melbourne and Victoria.

Speaking at the event, Shae Keenan, Chief Marketing Officer at Visit Victoria, said, “Travellers are increasingly drawn to explore and savour the world through its culinary offerings, and Melbourne’s food scene is truly world-class. By bringing the flavours of Melbourne and Victoria to India, we aim to showcase the significance of our exceptional food culture. India has always been a key market for Victoria, and we are committed to providing unique experiences that spotlight all things quintessentially Victorian for Indian travellers to discover.”

Kunal Dewan, Qantas Country Manager for India, said, “We are planning to increase the connectivity between New Delhi and Melbourne; this shows our commitment to the Indian market. We are delighted to partner with Visit Victoria to bring a taste of Melbourne to India, encouraging visitors to explore everything this remarkable state has to offer.”

Qantas currently operates three return flights per week from Delhi to Melbourne, with plans to increase to six per week during the peak season from late December 2023 to late February 2024.

MasterChef Finalist Kishwar Chowdhury, was thrilled to be cooking in the country that is a part of her heritage. Kishwar Chowdhury said: “Collaborating with Visit Victoria and Qantas Airways for ‘Flavours of Melbourne’ has been an incredible experience. Food has always held a central place in our home, and we took pride in preparing Indian and Bengali dishes using locally grown Australian ingredients. The menu for this event featured unique elements and rich Victorian produce, celebrating the best of the destination. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to introduce a taste of Melbourne to a whole new audience, and I hope it leaves a lasting, mouthwatering impression on all who experienced it.”

Originally Published on 07 Nov 2023 –